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Fix-R Roof Systems

FIX-R ROOF SYSTEMS Fix-R is the latest in flat roofing technology supplied by The SIG Group. Stamford Roofing Company Ltd have been trained in this market and approved installers Fix-R is a liquid waterproofing product and has key benefits:


  • Low odour/non hazardous/solvent free
  • Effective wet-on-wet application
  • Can go over existing systems


Fix-R liquid waterproofing is the market leader in covering porta-cabins and flat roofs where clients need 100% low disturbance while work is carried out for example:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Office blocks
  • Shops
  • Public buildings

For more information on How Fix-R liquid water proofing can solve your properties roof problems contact us for more information


Fix-R Liquid Waterproofing